A state government initiative made by Penang for the people of Penang. Penang Art District is the ideal alternative educational space for the community to enrich our modern lifestyle with arts and culture.

About Penang

A Vision for Artistic Exchange

Imagine every discipline and medium of art under one canopy – a showcase of new talents and carefully curated content for art groups, art enthusiasts and visitors from the world over.

Imagine an art hub brought to life by a community of local and international artists exploring, experimenting and evolving through creative exchange.

Envision the largest free art district in Southeast Asia where thousands converge to create, appreciate and celebrate the arts. 

This is the Penang Art District


About the Art District

The Penang State Government has envisioned Penang Art District to be the hub of contemporary arts and culture, as an initiative to catalyse the economic growth of the creative industry in Penang. With PAD, the value of Penang’s arts and culture will be enhanced by engaging artists, craftsmen, educators and the community at large through the activation of creative spaces and interactive art-related programmes.

PAD will be an incubation centre for aspiring and emerging artists who are looking for support and opportunities to expand their creative career. It will also be a creative network that unifies the dispersed arts scene in Penang. The art district will be a hip and urban creative hub that connects the existing arts spaces to a greater audience. PAD is an initiative by Penang for the people of Penang. It will be a recognizable icon in Penang as the destination for both locals and visitors to explore the arts in the midst of Penang’s rich cultural and heritage backdrop.

An International Art Destination

Renowned for its old-world charm, culture and cuisines, Penang embraces modernity while preserving its traditions. Today its capital city, George Town, is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as an eclectic art scene which allures visitors from all over the world.

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Penang Art District
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The Whiteaways Arcade
Beach Street, George Town
Penang, Malaysia

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