My Creative City | Youth Art Competition Finalists

My Creative City | Youth Art Competition Finalists

Congratulations to the Finalists of My Creative City Youth Art Competition by Penang Art District! Thank you once again to all of you who participated in our art competition.

The finalists will now have their artworks displayed between 24th March to 28th March 2019 at the Ground Floor of Gurney Plaza for public voting. Top three (3) artworks with the most number of public votes combine with scores received from the judges from each category will be selected as the winners for the art competition.

Presentation of the prizes will be done on the main stage at the Ground Floor of Gurney Plaza on 30 March, 2019.

Finalists for Under 18 Category

Suzanne Liew Li Huey
Age: 17
Code: A13

Ooi Li Xin
Age: 17
Code A02

Teoh Ai Xin
Age: 17
Code A10

Ooi Li Wen
Age: 17
Code A07

Koay Mei Yin
Age: 14
Code: A14

Darrshan A/L Periannan
Age: 15
Code: A04

Alvin Liew Hong Jian
Age: 14
Code: A08

Ang Jia Wei
Age: 15
Code: A06

Steven Chua Jia Hong
Age: 13
Code: A12

Natasha Goh Jia Xi
Age: 13
Code: A11

Lee Pei Lin
Age: 14
Code: A03

Goh Jia Yu
Age: 16
Code: A09

Foo Wern Chyi
Age: 13
Code: A01

Ang Jia Yi
Age: 13
Code: A05

Finalists for Under 12 Category

Jovynn Lim Ru Ying
Age: 9
Code: B15

Ang Zhi Hui
Age: 10
Code: B14

Samuel Woo Ken Yun
Age: 10
Code: B13

Grace Ho Yun En
Age: 8
Code: B12

Tristan Fong Kar Wai
Age: 12
Code: B11

Hayley Poh Xiao Xun
Age: 12
Code: B10

Zeon Tiang
Age: 8
Code: B02

Lee Hong Kang
Age: 12
Code: B08

Ng Yu Tong
Age: 12
Code: B07

Georgina Goh Wan Xuan
Age: 11
Code: B06

Cedric Pang Zheng Kai
Age: 11
Code: B05

Shane Lim Ru Suan
Age: 6
Code: B04

Lee Ruo Lin
Age: 8
Code: B03

Sri Varun Reddy
Age: 11
Code: B01

Ang Jia Lin
Age: 8
Code: B09