Jonathan Jayasuria

I Will Not Fall

Artwork Details

To illustrate the sheer brutality of nature/life’s uncontrollable tribulations that come one’s way, a once beautiful piece of beautiful gems & metals are now old, corroded, oxidized, rusted, and gritty. The techniques used to showcase this effect was taken from a variety of art forms such as scale modelling and miniature painting techniques that lent itself to the weathering, aging, chipping, rusting & oxidization of real life objects & materials.

The mixed media prospect allowed for a versatile experimentation of scratch building the 3D/ wall sculpture that used all sorts of wood, paper, tissue, sand, grit and glue to add a lot of textural elements to the piece. Film prop-making and costume weathering techniques were then used with an extensive application of layering, washing and glazing with a mix of paints primarily acrylics, mediums, inks and washes to help bring out the textural detail that encompasses the entire sculptural art piece itself.

Lastly, the overall atmosphere and look to the piece itself is heavily inspired by cinema, especially the overall composition of the frame itself as if it were a cinematographic frame from a film. To add to the mood, the extreme warm tones of browns, yellows, reds and blacks were used to almost overpower the
entire piece leaving a little bit of the underlying contrast of blues, whites and clean polished metals that ties in accordance with the entire allegory/symbolism of what the piece stands for.


Mixed media

3 x 2 ft


RM 10,950.40