The arts hub to embrace all

The arts hub to embrace all

26 Nov 2019 — by Andrea Filmer

THE Penang Art District (PAD) made headlines as early as 2015 and is conceptualised as a holistic contemporary arts and culture hub for the state.

With a vision to contain the largest concentration of art galleries, exhibition spaces, studios and cultural museums in the country, PAD has run into several road-blocks and its completion date has now been pushed back to 2023. 

Location is one of the main challenges, with the original 3.7ha site off Gat Lebuh Macallum in jeopardy due to the planned LRT, a main component of the Penang Transport Master Plan.

The small team that comprises PAD, however, has decided to forge ahead. 

Reaching out to existing stakeholders and creative pockets in the state, PAD collaborates and supports arts initiatives and has begun organising its own programmes to support the arts scene in Penang.

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