Editorial content: How to pitch to PAD

Editorial content: How to pitch to PAD

We are doing things differently next year. We welcome writers to pitch to us about things they feel passionate about, things that they are experts in.

This year, we have 6 types of article categories you can pitch for:

1. Insights

Insights provide a multi-perspective look at an issue from the art world, involving expert and practitioner interviews. Interviewees’ opinions need to be balanced with informed research on local, national or global climate.

Word count: 1,000 to 1,200 words

Example: Is a fine art degree really worth it? or Unpacking what it means to curate

2. Opinions

Opinion pieces contain strong and well-informed opinions about topics in the art world. It can be about a pressing issue or a review of a significant exhibition or event.

Word count: 800 to 1,000 words

Example: What the Malaysian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale really says about us or X marks the way forward: How collaborations may work 2020 onwards

3. Artist Feature

Our monthly Artist Feature focuses on the artist’s artwork; how it ‘speaks’ about the artist’s opinions and worldview. The writer is not a mouthpiece to the artist. What the artist says, what their artwork says, should come through the lens of the writer’s understanding and research.

Word count: 600 to 800 words

Example: Artist Bibichun revels in the freedom of the internet and the streets

4. Community Feature

Our Community Feature highlights art venues or arts organisations. How does the place or organisation function and sustain itself? What is the philosophy behind it and how does that come across in reality?

Word count: 600 to 800 words

Example: If art doesn’t sell, how does an art hub sustain itself?

5. Easy Read

An Easy Read uses condensed and well-researched writing to get to the point quickly. It is usually presented in a ‘how-to’ or list format, touching on topics that are of general interest to the arts community.

Word count: 600 to 800 words

Example: Rethinking public art in 5 murals or 3 ways to make money as an artist in Malaysia

6. Artwork of the Month

This feature is a condensed, bite-sized background and analysis of a selected artwork. Artwork featured should be available for viewing – whether it’s part of a gallery’s permanent collection or uploaded online.

Word count: 200 to 300 words

Example: Artwork of the Week: Mens Ceremony

Pitching format

Email Penang Art District at info@penangartdistrict.com with the following:

  1. Subject title: Writing Pitch
  2. 4 – 5 lines describing what the article will be about. What is its intent.
  3. A point-form breakdown of the sequence of your key points.

Your whole pitch shouldn’t go beyond 200 words. It’s just to convey your ideas, which will be refined later with our Editor, Adeline Chua.

If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@penangartdistrict.com.