Lai Wen Xin

In search

Artwork Details

“In search” is a visualization of Wenx’s deepest thought and personal situation with different parts of her feelings, as represented by different textures. Playing some minor contrast colours rules in a harmonian way, exploring using sand, tissue, eggshell, glass fiber and also nylon fiber to create the visual. It’s hard to bring the inner self out, this is a little change for the growth. It’s okay to still be in the searching stage. The artist shows how she explores her own feelings in this painting. This 2020 pandemic had brought a lot to the artist. Life wasn’t going so smooth, it might just feel like falling stars.

The painting has used the contrast of colour and texture. Painting on complicated texture with a plain white colour to represent the artist’s feelings, looks smooth and calm but there is a lot of suffering in mind. But no matter how worse it is, all the facts come in a reason. After going through all this storm,
she believes everyone will be able to find a land that is suitable for planting their own thoughts and feelings. Presenting her complicated feelings in a quiet colourway, hoping that drawing can still bring beauty and heal every adult that lives in the busy city.

Get back to the most nature and native realism. Face your inner self and tell your heart everythings gonna be fine.

Mixing acrylic with sand, eggshell, tissue to show the rawness and using plain white to tune the rough texture down. Keeping it in a simple colour tone to brings out a different point of view in showing a complicated feelings. Using coronavirus microscope photos as the planet of the artist created. Showing
the pure heart in green colour ways that can easily link back to the nature.


Acrylic, sand, eggshell and nylon fiber

3 x 4 ft


RM 800