Joachim Leong & Marianne Klerk // Ome by Spacebar Coffee

Joachim Leong & Marianne Klerk // Ome by Spacebar Coffee

Exhibition Highlight // House Dialogues by Marianne Klerk

Lined with exposed brick walls and donned in rustic décor, Ome by Spacebar Coffee is a refuge for coffee enthusiasts, minimalist junkies and anyone with a creative eye. Its red walls double as a non-conventional backdrop to contemporary art. With an events space on the first floor, Ome also hosts visiting art exhibitions, film screening and talks.

In this edition, we also shed light on an on-going exhibition on fine printmaking by Danish artist, Marianne Klerk. Her prints explore the conversation between the inside, outside and surroundings of the homes we find ourselves in every day.

Listen to the conversation as we chat with both Joachim and Marianne to uncover the synergy between the art and space.


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