Amirul bin Alwi

Fibonacci Number

Artwork Details

The entire universe is made of energy, and our body is no exception. Long before modern technology and science, ancient cultures knew that all living things carried a life force with them. They called the centers of energy that moved inside of us, the 7 Chakras. This spinning energy has 7 centers in our body, starting at the base of our spine and moving all the way up to the top of our head. In a healthy balanced person, the 7 chakras provide exactly the right amount of energy to every part of our body, mind and spirit.

However, if one of chakra is too open and spinning too quickly, or if it is too closed and move slowly, your health will suffer. As visual artist, I think why not I create my own pieces of those energy I always wanted to see in front of my eyes. I want to express all the ideas that keep playing in my state of mind to the state of conscious so that I can see in my real life how it is look and I want to feel the experience itself. Some of the element in energy from the basic like colour, petal, shape, form, and the arrangement of the energy.


Oil and water paint, thread, nail, marker on wood

3 feet in diameter


RM 2,500