Awang Mohd Zaki

The Other Face

Artwork Details

The idea is about our own identity that we have create. In life, the mask is man’s living disguise, ever-changing in its reason and reasoning, intent and intensity. It tries to hide the real man in us, to give weight and power to externalized fear, to frighten and beautify, to protect and pacify. It can grow into the grotesque image of man’s distorted mirror reflection, or be man’s visualization of his constant
escape from himself in his anxiety as much as in his playfulness. It gives man imaginary power to be able to manipulate his own identity. Man’s can be beautiful and ugly, but because of their heightened expression, their dehumanized and often overemphasized humanness, they are also beautiful in their ugliness. In death, the mask becomes his eternally living shadow. More real and intensified than during his entire life span, the features of his soul are then magnified in the light of the sudden inner peace man is forced to make with his Maker on the threshold of his new existence of non-existence.


Metal rod sculpture

5 x 2.8 x 3 ft


RM 2,500