Chua Hui Qin

Footbinding – the 3rd sexual organ of women

Artwork Details

Referring to “Foot Binding” from China history, my work dig deep into this concept, trying to make sense of its existence. During the process of producing this artwork, I have the privilege to meet up and communicate with the only remains of pure handmade “Foot Binding” shoemaker in Malaysia. It brings me more knowledge and deeper understanding. So the body of my artwork is made with the ratio 1:1 to the size of the foot binding’s foot size.

In China’s history, women with small foot was seen as beauty and foot binding existed purely to please men. Big foot in the past and the colour of women’s vagina now are both discriminated. So this “Foot Binding” was set as an aesthetic standard for women living under patriarchy traditions. It reflects a culture that neglects the health of women which goes against nature behaviour. My work blends in the colour of women’s vagina as a metaphor of the modern society, though with the practice of equal rights, women’s standard of beauty are still set under the pressure of the man’s desirability with the pressure of society and traditions, the unrest of women’s status are real.


Acrylic on mixed media (canvas and fabric)

10 cm x 100 pcs


RM 3,300