Forrest Wong

Good things come to those who wait

Artwork Details

Once addressing the global health crisis, I was just staying at home. I spent most of my time with my lovely mother. The daily activities would be cooking for her, doing aerobic exercises with her and others. The only solitude time I had was my rest time. However, I could not sleep soundly. A lot of fantasies and strange dreams started to appear in my mind. I felt so fatigued and no energy to do anything, including my art. Until one day, I accidentally cut my finger while I was cooking. My mother got me a bottle of yellow lotion and a plaster. I spilled the yellow lotion and it started to render on the paper. There’s a sudden feeling of calm and peace while I was looking at the yellow lotion slowly rendered on the paper is was just so beautiful.

I started to document all the things that flashed in my mind day by day with yellow lotion and construct it back together, as somehow I wish I am lying in a surreal space while connecting them back in one, embracing elements of fantasy and mysterious realms by heart listening to the stories of the things in my mind to help me grapple with reality. Emotion started to get healed in this making and disintegrate some of the bittersweet moments. The lines and images stay on the paper like the picture in cave painting that spiritually hopes to share you a little energy to remind you to breathe, and live well.


Acriflavine 0.1% & Povidone Iodine 10% w/v on double sided recycled paper, plastic spray bottle & water

3.6 x 2.8 ft


RM 2,300