Iskandar Zambri

Silent Killer

Artwork Details

Nowadays in Malaysia especially got a lot of new types food and drink. The foods and drinks nowadays contains unhealthy ingredients such as sugar. Based on National Health and Morbidity Survey report, there were 3.9 million people, starting from 18 years old and above is suffering a diabetes. From the artist observation, foods and drinks that contains an unhealthy ingredients is like a weapon or silent killer. Technically, the artist drew a figure of a kid is to presenting the people or youngsters nowadays who like to try/eat dangerous food that contains a lot of sugar. Second, The reason artist drew the candy arrow is to tell that food also can kill us slowly and anytime. So the point is, we can eat what we want, but we must have a healthy diet and always exercise.


Charcoal and soft pastel

3 x 3.5 ft


RM 2,500