Izhar Yusrin


Artwork Details

For long, I knew that the origami crane is a symbol of hope and health during challenging time based on Japanese culture. But I think it is awfully contradicted as “hope” is a spiritual needs for everyone yet not everyone can fold, let alone relate, to origami crane. As 2020 hit us hard with multiple unfortunate events, people search for hope more than before. I believe everyone faced those disasters differently and so is their hope.

I painted the melting origami crane in triptych to create a usual chronology of the symbol falling. Metaphorically, the idea of “hope and health” is still live but each individual is now allowed to choose their own symbol that gave them hope.

From the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, origami crane culturally became the symbol of hope and healing during challenging times. But only recently I realized – from the pandemic that robbed thousands of lives to the conflict of human right, races and politics – that hope can arise from any form. Be it frontliners that we see as hero, or children and innocents that the heroes trying to protect, everyone has their own version of “hope”. Here, I melted the symbol of hope for you to cast your very own symbol of HOPE.


Acrylic on wood

3 x 3 ft


RM 1,500