Lim He Yu

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Laden with psychedelic and pop art influences, the artwork features two different aspects of Absurdism, the framed philosopher, Albert Camus; and recreational drugs (magic mushrooms, LSD and marijuana). With the psychedelic elements, pop-art-inspired composition, and bright colours, it aims to complement the idea of Absurdism. In light of 2020’s events, most of us have suffered the unreal and absurd implications of COVID-19. Without sugar-coating it, youths are faced with a choice to give in to drug-use to escape this harsh reality; or to carry on with our lives and embrace the hardships thrown at us, much like Camus’ absurdist theories. Bottom line, the intended message of the artwork describes the absurdities of life we choose that will either make us or break us.


Digital collage and illustrations

2.8 x 2 ft