Muhd Faez Fahmi

Plots of Life IV

Artwork Details

This work as a whole tells about social criticism of society about manners. The form of barriers expressed in this work symbolize that every act must have its own taboos or can tell about the plots of daily life. The artist tries to tell each plot about human attitudes in terms of manners and morals. The artist hopes that every act in life is filled with useful time and goodness. We have 24 hours a day, so what filling at that time is used? Therefore the plots of this life can be blessed. In this work also the artist tries to describe the life of the creature created by god. Every creature has its own habitat and way of life. The thing that distinguishes humans from animals is intellect. A healthy mind can do good and bad things. That is what makes human beings special compared to other creatures in this world. If we do vile things then our whole life will perish.

This work has form of barriers because every act must have a taboo and each plots has a different story criticizing the life of society today. Harmonious colors also dominate so that the work looks cheerful. The artist uses animals as subjects in works such as Betta fish, iguana, frogs because it seems like a good or bad human attitude. The artist inserts the image of the iguana because the iguana can change the color of its body according to the place and situation, it looks like a human being who behaves in front of another back or two faces. Betta fish is beautiful in nature but likes to fight with each other, it is like a political game in our country. The frog with wings seems to be a daydreaming people and does not do any work. Be a beautiful flower that smells pleasant to others.

Be a human who does good in life to be blessed by God.


Mixed media

3 x 3 ft


RM 2,000