Nik Mohd Husyaidie

Bukti yang nyata

Artwork Details

For this work I look from the current angle through the causes and effects of pandemics that hit the whole world. “Bukti yang nyata” shows a picture of a burnt Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet) Beringin Tree in the left corner.

The Beringin Tree is a symbol of the pre-human world, inhabited by animals and plants. However, the effects of human hands are destroyed and extinct.

The image of the red cross refers to the humanitarian and health aspects where efforts and methods save patients from epidemics and wars. The image of chess pieces shows political issues that are often turbulent around the world in order to fulfill their respective agendas.

The yellow-black symbol refers to the warning sign and the panic symbol. The cracking effect on the white emulsion paint explains the drought and melting of the ice.


Mixed media

4 x 4 ft


RM 10,000