Wan Ahmad Idham Zulfi

Save myself

Artwork Details

This work is inspired by the song Enjit-Enjit Semut sung by P. Ramlee, Saloma and Pancha Sitara. This work describes the love between human beings that will not last forever. When tragedy strikes in love, they will seek God, the owner of eternal love. God is the place where they can rely on hope and the place where they tell the problems they face because they believe only God is able to solve their love problems.

The artist has chosen himself as the main subject in producing the work because the artist wants to represent young people, who are often said to be very passionate in the world of romance. The artist has also chosen the composition of the ant view, which is equivalent to the title of the reference song. In this work, crocodiles represent people who cheat it romance, or commonly referred to as ‘buaya darat betina’ (‘female land crocodile’). The western clothing referred to the Westerners who are very famous for their talkative habit compared to Easterners.


Oil on canvas

3 x 4 ft


RM 1,800