Why Is Your English So Good?

Why Is Your English So Good?

Artist’s Statement by Daniel Adams:

I was an international student for three years and graduated in photography from Falmouth University. I faced my fair share of stereotyping, racism and ignorance while living in England. From small ignorant comments to more aggressive slurs, each experience affected me in one way or another. The understanding of being treated differently, and occasionally being treated as if I were less than another race, was a new experience to me. I am half-Chinese and half-English and have never experienced racism in my own country. However, being in England allowed me to experience this widespread problem that many people at home do. 

Why Is Your English So Good? touches on the widespread problem of racism and ignorance in Britain and Ireland. Each individual pictured in this series of photographs is a Malaysian, either studying or living in Britain or Ireland. The making of this project was envisioned to educate an audience on the situations that still occur and the effects that flow from them. Each image is inspired by each individual’s personal experience and is portrayed on the subject through the use of colour, texture and different materials. Why Is Your English So Good? explores a variety of concepts that include identity, gender, race and mental health – all in relation to the concept of racism and ignorance.

Opening & Artist Talk
22 November 2018
Special Guest: Tasnem Aljoffery

Exhibition period
14 November to 10 December 2018

This exhibition is supported by Penang Art District
Free of charge